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ICIQ papers highlighted in 2013

A selection of the most successful papers

2013 has been another successful year for ICIQ with more than 125 papers published in high impact international scientific journals. Some of those papers have also received additional media coverage, increasing the visibility and impact of the research developed at ICIQ.

- In 2013, ICIQ research was featured on the cover of different scientific journals:

M. V. Escárcega-Bobadilla, M. Martínez Belmonte, Eddy Martin, E. C. Escudero-Adán, A. W. Kleij
Chem.Eur.J., 2013, 19, 2641-2648

I. Rivilla ,  W. M. C. Sameera ,  E. Alvarez ,  M. M. Díaz-Requejo ,  F. Maseras, P. J. Pérez
Dalton Trans., 2013, 42, 4132-4138

C. J. Whiteoak, E. Martin, E. Escudero-Adán, A. W. Kleij
Adv. Synth. Catal.2013, 355, 2233-2239

Catalytic enantioselective reductive desymmetrisation of achiral and mesocompounds

H. Fernández-Pérez, P. Etayo, J. R. Lao, José L. Núñez-Rico, A. Vidal-Ferran
Chem. Commun.2013, 49, 10666-10675
A. Lishchynskyi, M. A. Novikov, E. Martin, E. C. Escudero-Adán, P.Novák, V. V. Grushin
J. Org. Chem.2013, 78 (22), pp 11126–11146

Harnessing the open-circuit voltage via a new series of Ru(II) sensitizers bearing (iso-)quinolinyl pyrazolate ancillaries

K.-L. Wu, W.-P. Ku, J. N. Clifford, E. Palomares, S.-T. Ho, Y. Chi, S.-H. Liu, P.-T. Chou, M. K. Nazeeruddin, M. Grätzel
Energy Environ. Sci. 2013, 6, 859-870

- SINC (Scientific Information and News Service in Spain) covered some of the papers published by ICIQ research groups and consequently, those papers were also highlighted in different media venues.

- Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN, the American Chemical Society magazine), Chemistry World (the Royal Society of Chemistry magazine) and Chemistry Views (ChemPubSoc Europe and Wiley-VCH magazine) also selected some of the high impact research published by ICIQ.

- Several papers were highlighted by the journals in which they were published for being hot, high impact research and most downloaded papers.

- Finally, the Top 10 most cited papers, so far, published in 2013 according to Web of Science are the following:


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