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ICIQ reaches Hirsh index=80

A 10 points’ increase in 6 months

In slightly more than one year the paper “A molecular ruthenium catalyst with water-oxidation activity comparable to that of photosystem II“, by Antoni Llobet and co-workers  published in Nature Chemistry, has received 80 citations.

With Llobet’s et al. paper being cited 80 times, the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ) achieves a Hirsh index* = 80 in nine years of research activity.

ICIQ started its research activities in 2004 with 9 research groups. Nowadays, the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia counts with 19 group leaders and more than 1000 publications in scholarly journals that have been cited more than 31000 times.

Group Leaders at ICIQ 

*The Hirsh index (h-index) mesures both the productivity and impact of a scientist, a scholarly journal or an institution. It is intended to measure simultaneously the quality and quantity of scientific output.

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