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Science Café ‘Chemistry and Coffee’ with Andy Chapman

The second science cafe organised by ICIQ was a success again.

This time, Andy Chapman talked about the chemistry of coffee and the importance of the elements’ order when we prepare a latte.

He explained to us the chemical reason why in this equation:

Changing the order of the operands DOES change the result.

The talk was very enjoyable, there were many people and our colleague, Andy, performed as usual, brilliantly.

Andy Chapman during his talk

An interested audience at Pachito Lounge

Pachito Lounge, the cafe-bar that held the event, was full of people with different backgrounds but interested in coffee and its chemistry. It was a great opportunity to  talk about science and bring chemistry closer to the general public.

The climax of the evening came in the form of coffee ice cream (it couldn’t have been any other flavour) made ‘in-situ’ with liquid nitrogen. Everyone could enjoy a piece of it.

Making the coffee ice-cream

Our delicious coffee ice-cream

The audience enjoying the ice-cream

We would like to thank Andy Chapman once again for his enthusiasm and willingness to disseminate science, Pachito Lounge for welcoming us and letting us invade their kitchen (and the cookies!) and all of the attendees.

We hope you enjoyed the talk and the ice cream.

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