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ICIQ Science Week: Fun, dynamic and participative

November is a very special month for the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ).

As in previous years, our Science Week turns out to be a Science Month. ICIQ offers a programme of science outreach activities targeting different audiences.

- Professors i Ciència

We started this ‘Science Month’ with training workshops for high-school teachers, Professors i Ciència, a programme sponsored by Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera.

Laia Pellejà, Emilio Palomares and José Ramón Galán Mascarós welcomed a group of teachers who became students of a workshop entitled ‘Light as a source of energy’.

This two days workshop combined theory sessions with hands-on experiments in the lab. The atendees learnt about the possibilities of using light to generate electricity. ICIQ made the experimental kit available to the different schools so that they can reproduce the experiments in-house.

- Química en Familia

This year has been a very successful year for Química en Familia. Within a week we ran out of space because of the number of families who wanted to come to this event. We welcomed more than 150 kids over two days with their families and friends. They all enjoyed an evening of chemistry and experiments in which they had the leading roles.

We built a lava lamp with water, oil and an esfervescent tablet, blandiblú, a crazy bouncy ball and many other things. The kids (and not only the kids) had a great time, as we did.

We would like to thank our volunteers and the different departments at ICIQ for making this happen.

- Guided Visits

High-school students from the area come to visit the research centres in November.

They had a mission: To identify a misterious sample that is handed to them at the beginning of the visit. To do so, they can count on the expertise of our researchers. We visit different laboratories and we use different characterisation techniques. Finally, they also have the opportunity to visualise the molecule on the computer in our computational labs.

- ICIQ visits schools

We believe that getting out of our centre to visit schools is a very positive initiative to encourage kids to do science and chemistry.

This year, Imma Escofet, Sonia Gavaldà and Anthony Pitaval had the chance to run different experiments at Pau Delclòs school.

- Science Café: Chemistry & beer

This is the third time that we organise a Science Café, open to everyone, in Tarragona city center.

Chemistry & Beer, by Dr. José Luis Núñez Rico (researcher at ICIQ) welcomed a very interesting and diverse audience café Lounge Pachito. They had the chance to learn more about the chemistry behind a beer and they even did a bit of tasting of different types of beer.

A month full of activities to disseminate and communicate science, one of the main objectives of the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia. We are delighted with every single event we have hosted and the people’s interest and support. The public had the opportunity to have a good time with science and chemistry, so we did.

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