ICIQ opens its doors to secondary schools: How to register?

ICIQ is strongly committed to education and science communication. Example of this commitment is our path of several years conducting outreach activities and opening our doors to chemistry in order to bring this discipline closer to society.

-High Schools

If you want to visit our center to find out more about who we are and what we do here, we encourage you to come and to participate in our ‘special’ visit to the institute.

Characteristics of the visit:

• Aimed at high school students

• Maximum of 15-20 students

• Approximate length of visit: 2 hours

• Days of visits: Usually Friday morning but the day of the week can be adapted to the needs of the center

• You have to come ready to learn, participate and have fun

If you are interested in booking a visit send an email to iciqcommunication@iciq.es with your high school’s name, address and a telephone number and e-mail of a contact person. Please specify your availability dates. To see how we carry out the visits we invite you to see this video.

- One-to-one meetings with our researchers

If you are a student and you would like to know more about the life of a scientist and chemistry, or you are working on a research project at school and you want to talk to one of our PhD students about a specific topic, drop us an e-mail on iciqcommunication@iciq.es

- Other initiatives in which ICIQ participates

You can also visit our centre participating in the following activities:

Programa Jóvenes y Ciencia de Catalunya Caixa

CatalunyaCaixa Professors i Ciència


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